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The pre-purchase examination is a very important decision criterion for the horse buyer. Every horse should be subjected to a thorough general examination by a veterinarian before purchase. As part of the pre-purchase examination, the veterinarian assesses the health of the horse on the one hand and whether the animal is suitable for the desired purpose on the other.

During a detailed clinical examination, the heart, circulatory system and lungs, the skin, the eyes and the oral cavity are checked, among other things. Special attention is paid to the horse's musculoskeletal system. The horse is presented at a walk and trot, after which all four limbs are subjected to flexion tests and the front limbs are subjected to the plank test. The horse's gait is then assessed on the longe.  X-ray examinations may also be used for the assessment. Frequently, recordings of the fetlock, hock and navicular bones are made. If desired, the neck, back and knees can also be x-rayed. All findings are precisely documented and discussed with the potential buyer.

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