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Today, animals are loyal companions and full-fledged family members. We owe it to our pets to care for them in sickness and in old age, to stand by and to help them when farewell is near. Not only the accompaniment of the animal in its last phase of life, but also the support of the understandably often helpless owner, requires a lot of empathy.

Just as old age is not a disease, the dying process is not a disease but a law of nature. If the quality of life is severely limited (severe shortness of breath, uncontrollable pain or deep exhaustion at the end of life), we reach an ethical limit and enable the patient to have a dignified last journey.

The loving, respectful and calm interaction with the patient and the owner are very important to us. We try to take away the owner's fears and worries, because the animals that are in the process of dying do not seem to be concerned. They let go more easily when we let go of them.

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